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Why Pet Patio Potty?

Layered Design

Our patent pending drainage system incorporates an odor control feature and makes the potty easier to clean. The secret is the odor absorbing litter beneath the trays. No messy pans or trays of liquid to dump.

Weather Protection

The Pet Patio Potty™ is the only dog potty product that includes a Sunbrella® canvas cover for weather protection.

Distinguished Look

Sleek design and a choice of construction materials allow you to customize your dog potty to blend with any indoor or outdoor décor.

Choice of Models Size and Surface Materials

The only dog potty product line offering an Indoor Model designed specifically for males and a more protected model for exposed outdoor areas. Either synthetic K9Grass™ or gravel can be used in our potty system.

Made in the USA

All of our products and raw materials are manufactured in the USA.

Pet Patio Potty™

The Pet Patio Potty™ is all about giving you choices – different models, sizes, construction materials, cover colors and surface materials. Customize a dog potty product meeting the needs of both you and your dog. Learn more about finding the perfect solution to your dog potty problem! Or Start Shopping

Dog Daycare Facilities

Doggy Solutions has developed a custom dog potty suitable for use in the commercial dog daycare environment!This unit can be made in various sizes, with or without side panels and has a drainage system that can be hooked up to a Wet Vac system for cleaning. Call us to learn more!!!

Doggy Solutions™ News…


We have added a new Doggy "Liquid & Odor Absorbent" Pad System that uses Doggy Liquid Absorbent Pads with 100% Natural and Organic Zeolite Grainueles to remove all odors and more.

Also we now are mobile, tablet, and computer friendly unlike before.

Another great new feature is our "Which Unit is Best for You?" Survey that allows you to answer a series of questions and we generate the best unit for your unique situation.
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We are now are PInterest! FInd us, like us, and share us. Made in Denver, CO

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Pet Patio Potty Testimonials

Pet Patio Potty: Comparison to Other Dog Potty Options

Our Pet Patio Potty really has been a godsend for us! I bought one for my dog Luc after trying absolutely EVERYTHING — pads, dog litter, cat litter, synthetic sod/trap pan system, etc. Over time it’s been much cheaper than some of the other…


Minneapolis, MN

Pet Patio Potty: Not Just for Small Dogs

Our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, age 3, has never known life without her “potty”. It gives her the ability to “go” whenever she needs to, if we get caught late at work, stuck in traffic, whatever, it is WONDERFUL…


Denver (LoDo), CO

Pet Patio Potty: Using Scent for Training

I received the Patio Potty about a week ago and set it up on our new apartment balcony. Casper (only 4 months) is using the potty very well, but I’m having problems with Max (turning 2 years old soon). Maybe he thinks it looks like a nice piece of furniture…


Sterling, VA

Pet Patio Potty: Eliminates Middle-of-the-Night Elevator Trips

I ordered a Pet Patio Potty about a month ago for my new petite Goldendoodle puppy. It only took a day for her to realize what we wanted her to do on it! And while sometimes she’ll get frisky, grab a pebble and run, the potty…


Dallas, TX

Doggy Solutions

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