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Pet Patio Potty

No Yard? No Problem!! The Pet Patio Potty™ is designed for use on balconies, patios or even indoors in residences having no yard readily available.  All models include our patent-pending layered drainage system. The base of each unit consists of a box frame with removable polyethylene trays. The trays have perforated polyethylene bottoms and are designed to hold either synthetic K9Grass™ or gravel. The trays are positioned over a layer of odor-absorbing kitty litter.  This design allows your pet's urine to drain through the surface material to the litter below, making this product the cleanest, freshest smelling dog potty on the market.  There are no messy pans to carry, dump or overflow!  You just lift the trays with the convenient handles and remove the clumped litter with the scoop we provide!  The How It Works page of our site presents a photo tutorial depicting the basic design and function of the product.

In addition, the Pet Patio Potty™ is the only "dog litter box" product line that offers you multiple options regarding model, size, construction material, surface material and cover color (where applicable).  So whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog or plan to use the potty indoors or outside, the selection process allows you to "design" a potty product that meets your specific needs! 

If you are uncertain as to which model or size is best for your situation, find more details regarding our Pet Patio Potty product elsewhere on our web site or complete our Inquiry Form on our Contact page.