Dog Litter Box Training

Dog Potty Training has never been easier!

If your answer to any of the following questions is "yes," a real solution may be the Pet Patio Potty™ – our revolutionary indoor or outdoor dog litter box!

  • Are you a busy dog owner who lives in an "urban residence" with no yard for your dog or puppy's "business"?
  • Do you feel unsafe taking that last walk of the evening?
  • Are you pressed for time before work in the morning?
  • Are you tired of standing out in the pouring rain with your wet, muddy pooch?
  • Are you having difficulty potty training your puppy?
  • Are you concerned because your older dog is having trouble making it through the night or walking down the stairs to get outside?
  • Do you feel as if you can't even have a dog due to your living situation?

Many pet owners are familiar with the concept of litter box training cats, but not with using a potty box product for dogs and puppies. Vet research confirms what our clients already say: Dog Litter Training and the Pet Patio Potty™ Are Really an Option! But don’t take our word for it!

Consider the endorsement of puppy and dog litter training and litter boxes from a noted clinical researcher at a leading veterinary teaching hospital. As reported in the feature article, “K-STATE VETERINARIAN SAYS LITTER TRAINING AN OPTION FOR DOGS, TOO”: “When dogs have to hold in urine, it may predispose them to bladder infections,” said Dr. Susan Nelson, Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences at the Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. “An alternative? Litter train your dog.”

“It's a good idea for people that maybe work long hours that can't get home to let their dog out," Nelson said. "Dogs don't have to hold it in and can relieve themselves." "Litter training also can be good for dogs who don't like to go outside when it's cold or don't like the feel of grass," Nelson said. "It is fairly realistic to expect a dog to litter train, as long as the owners stay patient and consistent."