Construction Materials

We understand our clients want their outdoor or indoor dog potty to blend with the surrounding environment. We, therefore, offer most models and sizes of the Pet Patio Potty™ in three different construction materials: White Polyethylene, Black Polyethylene or Tigerwood.

Black HDPE Outdoor Dog Potty and Litter Box

White HDPE Indoor Dog Potty

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Available in black and white.
  • Durable material similar to that used to make commercial cutting boards.
  • Sleek, clean, contemporary styling.
  • Rugged material that stands up better in harsh outdoor climates where the potty is exposed to UV light as well as rain and/or snow.
  • Black HDPE blends well with wrought iron furniture.


Redwood Outdoor or Indoor Dog Toilet
  • Constructed of architectural grade wood finished with exterior, marine-grade polyurethane.
  • Popular for areas where a client is trying to blend the potty with an environment having wood accents.
  • When placed outdoors, the tigerwood potty, like other outdoor wood furniture, will weather over a period of years and should be periodically refinished.
  • Made with black HDPE insert trays. The HDPE trays stand up better to urine exposure and to the rigors of cleaning.
  • Best for indoor or somewhat protected outdoor use.