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Canine Clients

We must admit that our favorite part of our business is our Canine Clients – although we are also rather fond of their owners who care enough to purchase the very best for their pooch!

If you would like you have you awesome photo added to the top of our list, please e-mail us your favorite photo (your favorite pet photo, or a photo with a Doggy Solutions Unit in it). All photo submissions will receive a $5 off future purchase coupon as a Thank You!

Pet Patio Potty: Comparison to Other Dog Potty Options

Our Pet Patio Potty really has been a godsend for us! I bought one for my dog Luc after trying absolutely EVERYTHING — pads, dog litter, cat litter, synthetic sod/trap pan system, etc. Over time it's been much cheaper than some of the other options (at one point I was spending nearly $20/week for pads). It's also a lot cleaner than anything else I tried (paws never come in contact with the underlying litter), has less odor (litter pulls odors down underneath the trays), and it's even rather attractive (several people have mistaken it for a rock garden or contemporary piece of art). Can you tell it’s changed my life?


Minneapolis, MN

Pet Patio Potty: Not Just for Small Dogs

Our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, age 3, has never known life without her “potty”. It gives her the ability to “go” whenever she needs to, if we get caught late at work, stuck in traffic, whatever, it is WONDERFUL to know she is not at home suffering. It is so easy to clean and perfect if you live in a townhome or apartment. I know many people think the potties are just for small dogs, but our 104 lbs of dog loves it! We cannot thank Doggy Solutions enough.


Denver (LoDo), CO

Pet Patio Potty: No Wet and Muddy Puppy

We have had our puppy, Lucy, a German Wire-haired Pointer, for 4 weeks now and she is doing great with her Pet Patio Potty. After about 3 weeks of constant repetition (and lots of patience and praise), she finally got it. We have had a lot of rain lately and it is wonderful not to have to go outside to get wet and muddy. Also, since we live in the country, I don't feel safe going outside at 3 am! Thanks for making our first indoor puppy a good experience!!


Greenwood, SC

Pet Patio Potty: Using Scent for Training

I received the Patio Potty about a week ago and set it up on our new apartment balcony. Casper (only 4 months) is using the potty very well, but I'm having problems with Max (turning 2 years old soon). Maybe he thinks it looks like a nice piece of furniture and doesn't want to mess it up! (A couple of days later).... I'm so happy! I took your advice and put some of Max's scent on the potty earlier. I just took him out and after a couple of sniffs, he WENT! Thank you.


Sterling, VA

Pet Patio Potty: Helped Ease Transition from House to Condo

Just wanted to say thank you for the great product and customer service. My brothers and I gave the patio potty to my father as one of his 73rd birthday presents - it has helped ease the transition our parents made from the family home of 30 years to a downtown condo. The instructions for putting it together were very helpful and Vegas also loved the little package of treats. Vegas still gets 2-3 walks a day but it is great to have the patio potty for the times she wants out at night etc!


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada