Dog Litter Boxes and Dog Potties


Doggy Solutions was developed in November 2002 by simple product demand. The original creator’s retired parents moved into a lovely downtown Denver loft. At the time, they had a dog named Maggie, whom they absolutely adored. Since their new dwelling was on the third floor, they were concerned about how they would manage “calls to nature” late at night and in nasty weather.

The search began for a solution to their problem at local pet stores and on the internet with little success. The limited products we found either lacked aesthetic appeal or had other deficiencies making them unsuitable. It was obvious that something had to be DONE!

The solution was the product we now call the Pet Patio Potty™ (patent pending). This sturdy “dog litter box” was designed to be an attractive addition to my any balcony or patio while serving as a convenient potty for a pet. Many users and trainers are VERY skeptical. However with proper aide, most canine friends are successful with proper care.

I ordered a Pet Patio Potty about a month ago for my new petite Goldendoodle puppy. It only took a day for her to realize what we wanted her to do on it! And while sometimes she’ll get frisky, grab a pebble and run, the potty has been a lifesaver!

Lindsey (Dallas, TX)

Fortunately the pet the entire company was created around was not unique in her willingness to use this pet potty – many other precious pooches have learned to use this product “to do their business!!!” For several years, the Pet Patio Potty™ provided a welcomed alternative for my parents when walking Maggie was not convenient or safe. Maggie, the model dog for the company, was lost to kidney disease in March 2008. She was truly our inspiration.

As a result of working with many human and canine clients, we expanded our potty product line by adding sizes, models and construction materials to better address the needs of the urban dog owner. In addition, we constantly talk to clients about other problem-solving products we can design or provide. Our goal for the Doggy Solutions™ online store is to provide a unique array of products that are functional for your dog yet have a distinct focus on quality, style and design. Like you, we love dogs, but we are also proud of our home. We see no reason why the products you buy for your dog can’t be innovative and sophisticated for you, while being functional for your furry friend.

In June 2013 Doggy Solutions happily changed ownership to ProductGoGo™ (formerly B.St.Design). ProductGoGo™ is a product development firm that offers entrepreneurs, inventors, small businesses, start to finish product design. We offer concept, design, sketch, cad, prototype, manufacture, market, brand and finally source products.

What this means for Doggy Solutions™ and the Pet Patio Potty™? Not much visually and physically. Less than 5% of the design and function of the product will change. The design has been proven by the years of happy clients, no need to change a thing. What we will change is sophisticated machines, CNC processes, modern marketing, and modern SMO, SEO, web, and other forms of marketing. Also keep your eyes open for Doggy Solutions at pet trade shows nationally soon.

Blake St.Clair
Owner & Mfg
Doggy Solutions™
Powered by ProductGoGo™ formerly B.St.Design
Denver, Colorado  USA