Dog Litter Boxes and Dog Potties

Doggy Liquid Absorbent Pad System

Doggy Solutions™ standard set up recommends the use of kitty litter* to absorb liquids in the main unit. Now we also offer our Doggy “Liquid & Odor Absorbent” Pad System for use as an alternative to kitty litter* or in combination with the kitty litter*. The Doggy Pad System can be used exclusively or you can use the Doggy Pads to line the tray, and still fill with kitty litter*.

The Doggy “Liquid & Odor Absorbent” Pad System consists of two (2) key components: Doggy Pad(s) & Premium Zeolite Pet Odor Infill granule (shaker provided) that is designed to absorb liquids and eliminate odors between changes. The new Doggy Pad System has been tested and proven by numerous customers and we are proud to now offer this solution.


*kitty litter not provided by