Dog Litter Boxes and Dog Potties


What is Synthetic K9Grass™?

K9Grass™ is the first artificial grass developed specifically for your dog potty! It has the following properties that make it the perfect synthetic grass surface for the Pet Patio Potty™:

  • Knitted mesh backing with exclusive flow-through™ technology assures the best drainage possible.
  • Antimicrobial (AlphaSan) incorporated into grass blades helps reduce growth of microorganisms and the associated development of odor.
  • Short dense blade structure.
  • Cleanable and durable.
  • Superior to other synthetic turf products having perforated plastic backing. These products tend to hold more urine and develop odor more quickly.

When used in the Pet Patio Potty™, the odor control properties of the K9Grass™ coupled with the odor-absorbing litter below the dog potty grass surface provide the cleanest, safest, and most odor-free environment possible. K9Grass™ pieces need to be cleaned every 1 to 2 weeks depending on frequency of use. Cleaning can be accomplished by soaking the grass pieces in a tub, basin or bucket of dilute sanitizing or bleach solution. Because of the mesh backing, K9Grass™ pieces may shrink slightly when exposed directly to the sun or when cleaned. Many clients choose to purchase a second set of dog potty grass so they have a clean, dry set while the other set is being cleaned.

K9Grass™ – Standard Sizes Available for Use with Pet Patio Potty™

Sizes indicated are the actual outside dimensions of the K9 Grass™ pieces.

    • Toy Tray Size (19.25″ by 19.25″): Each Toy size Pet Patio Potty™ tray holds one piece of Toy K9Grass™.

    • Double Tray Size (34″ by 16.25″): Since 2009, almost all Pet Patio Potties™ have been made with double-sized trays when K9Grass™ is selected as the surface material. These potties have one, two, three or four trays respectively for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large size units. Each double-sized tray requires one double-sized piece of K9Grass™.

DS-59 (1)

    • Standard Tray Size (16.25″ by 16.25″): Standard size pieces of K9Grass™ are typically used in older models of the Pet Patio Potty™ or when gravel was initially used as the surface material. These potties have two, four and six trays respectively for Small, Medium and Large size units. Each tray requires one standard size piece of K9Grass™.


K9Grass™ Pads

K9Grass™ Pads are 2’ by 3’ pieces of K9Grass™ that are bound along the edges and are cleanable, drainable and antimicrobial. These convenient mats are soft and comfortable for pets, portable, and great for training puppies! They have all of the same great properties of the K9Grass™ pieces used in the Pet Patio Potty™. K9Grass™ pads may be the perfect alternative when the Pet Patio Potty™ dog potty system is more than you need.

Custom Size Pieces of K9Grass™: Doggy Solutions™ will typically cut custom sized pieces of K9Grass™. Call or email our office for availability and a price quote.