Dog Litter Boxes and Dog Potties

Product Info

What is the Pet Patio Potty™?

The Pet Patio Potty™ is a dog litter box with a unique, patent pending layered design. Desirable features include:

  • Attractive, low to the ground (4” in height) box frame construction.
  • Removable perforated trays with handles hold a top layer of synthetic K9Grass™, gravel or even real sod.
  • Urine drains through the top layer into a bottom layer of odor-absorbing kitty litter or other absorbent material.
  • Unpleasant odors are minimized and clean-up is a snap! See theHow It Works section.
  • Available in multiple sizes, models and construction materials.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Polyethylene feet are added to all dog potty box frames to provide a small air space beneath the potty.

No Mess with the Pet Patio Potty™

  • Doggy paws never come in contact with the litter, so there is no problem with tracking litter through your home!
  • Tray handles make access to soiled litter easy.
  • Doggy Solutions™ provides a convenient litter scoop!
  • Placement of a trash bag or liner beneath the litter facilitates periodic removal of the litter from the potty so that the unit can be thoroughly cleaned. The smooth polyethylene tray bottoms make cleaning the trays easy.

Recommended Surface Materials:

The following materials are ideal for use in the trays of the Pet Patio Potty™:

Synthetic K9Grass™

  • The first artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.
  • Unique features make it a perfect surface material for the Pet Patio Potty™ and help promote a cleaner, safer, more odor-free environment for your pet.
  • Great for dog owners who prefer the look of the grass.
  • Recommended for adult dogs accustomed to a grassy yard.
  • Also recommended for dogs that dig or scratch after relieving themselves.

Pea Gravel:

  • Good drainage properties.
  • Great choice for dogs accustomed to “doing their business” on gravel.
  • Not provided by Doggy Solutions™, must be purchased locally.

For a comparison of K9Grass™ to gravel refer to our FAQ page.

Insert Tray Configuration

The number of insert trays provided with your Pet Patio Potty™ order depends on the surface material selected for use in the potty system. When K9Grass™ is selected, the Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large size units are made with larger double-sized trays. When gravel is selected, due to the weight of the gravel, the potty is made with smaller standard size trays. All Toy size potties are made with a single insert tray.

Sunbrella® Covers

All Low Profile and Elevated Canopy models include a Sunbrella® canvas cover. Features and benefits of this cover include:

  • Provides protection from rain and snow.
  • Durable, water and fade resistant fabric.
  • Easy to wipe clean or gently launder in the washing machine.
  • Affixed to potty with snaps so stays securely fastened in windy conditions yet can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Available in three classy colors.
    Forest Green Taupe Sapphire Blue
    Cover Colors: Forest Green Taupe Sapphire Blue

Shipping and Assembly

Medium, Large and Extra Large size dog potties are made in modular form to facilitate shipping. Easy to follow assembly and set-up instructions with photos (when necessary) are included with all units. All items required for assembly accompany the shipment except for a Phillips head screwdriver. Please note that absorbent litter and gravel are not included with any potty orders. The litter is readily available at any pet supply store. The gravel can be purchased at any garden supply center.

Base Prices for Pet Patio Potties™

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Available in White or Black

Low Profile Elevated Canopy Indoor Male*
Toy $229 $339 $273
Small $279 $439 $339
Medium $349 $599 $479
Large $439 $746 $639
Extra Large $589 Not Available $769
* Indoor Male model pricing includes standard 10” side panels

Architectural Tigerwood Construction

Low Profile Indoor Male* Elevated Canopy
Toy $284 $338 $424
Small $334 $409 $529
Medium $414 $564 $724
* Indoor Male model pricing includes standard 10” side panels

Low Profile Product Photos (Click to Enlarge)

Elevated Canopy Product Photos (Click to Enlarge)

Indoor Male Product Photos (Click to Enlarge)

Prices for Additional Options:

Synthetic K9Grass™
  • Toy: $35
  • Small: $45
  • Medium: $90 (2 pieces @ $45/piece)
  • Large: $135 (3 pieces @ $45/piece)
  • Extra Large: $180 (4 pieces @ $45/piece)
Weather Protection Flap for Elevated Canopy Model (for particularly exposed or windy areas)
  • Toy: $35
  • Small: $50
  • Medium: $50
  • Large: $80
Upgrade Indoor Male Model to 16″ Polyethylene side panels (for taller dogs)
  • Toy: $20
  • Small: $40
  • Medium: $50
  • Large: $60
  • Extra Large: $80